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 Productions I've coached, include:


As an actor and a director, he's the first
  person I call
.”           ––Zach Curtis
Artistic Director, Paul Bunyan Playhouse

"An actor himself, Joe understands that each   performer has his or her own particular process in creating a character.  In my experience, Joe has listened to the actor's concerns about who their character is, how the actor wishes to approach the character's accent or dialect, and he is open to the particular learning style the actor has.  I feel that Joe helps you create an individual character, while still helping the show as a whole feel anchored by the particular accent(s) of the setting.  In short, he is an actor's coach, and I have been very happy with my results working with him."
                               ––Carolyn Pool
Actor, coached at Park Square Theatre
                         and Penumbra Theatre

  Guthrie Theater

  Flying Foot Forum
  Mixed Blood Theatre

  Penumbra Theatre
  Equity Showcase
  Park Square Theatre

  Pillsbury House Theatre
  Theatre Pro Rata

  Theatre in the Round

  Emigrant Theatre
  Theatre Unbound
  Walking Shadow Company

  Macalester College
  Do Tank Productions

A Midsummer Night's Dream
A Christmas Carol
The Scottsboro Boys
The Poetry of Pizza
Take Me Out
Sex Diary of an Infidel
A Streetcar Named Desire
Rock n Roll
The Sisters Rosensweig
The Chosen
Steel Magnolias
A Tale of Two Cities
Enchanted April
The Pride
Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi
Slag Heap
See How They Run
The Rivals
As Bees in Honey Drown
Jesus Hates Me
Bits and Pieces
Shakespeare's Land of the Dead
The American Pilot

The Lives of the Most Notorious Highwaymen
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Two Hands on the Plow

Minnesotan (Mechanicals)
RP, Cockney
southern U.S. (characters of Haywood and Eugene)
Iraqi Kurdish, Danish
Arkansas (character of Shane)
New Orleans Yat, Mississippi Delta
Czech, RP
RP, Estuary, Liverpool, NYC
West Midlands, UK
Yiddish (consultant)
Northern Louisiana
RP, Cockney
RP, Italian

RP, Estuary
RP, Estuary Estuary, Birmingham
Manchester, Manchester Pakistani
Yiddish, Russian, German, Italian
Urban Edinburgh, RP
RP, Cockney
RP, Scottish, Yorkshire
Russian, Cockney
Italian, Indian
RP, Estuary
Georgia (U.S. State), Central Asian
RP, Cockney
Mississippi Delta
General Southern Irish, Galway, Belfast

 * As assistant to Gillian Lane-Plescia

I have privately coached actors for roles and auditions and I have done self-study/coaching for my own roles in The Retreat From Moscow (Estuary), The Twilight of the Golds (Long Island), Flanagan’s Wake (Southern Irish), A Christmas Carol (RP), and others.

 I have interned at The Guthrie Theater with voice/speech coach, Elisa Carlson on The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde
(RP), and A Streetcar Named Desire (New Orleans Yat, Mississippi Delta).

                                          Shakespearean text I have coached:

  Park Square Theatre
  Theatre Pro Rata
  Theater in the Round
  Starting Gate Productions
  Theatre Unbound
  Swearing Jack Productions

, Much Ado About Nothing
Measure For Measure
Richard III
The Tempest
Titus Andronicus


I am an associate editor for the International Dialects of English Archive, a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association, and a Associate Teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork.